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    Strange strange bug it's here !


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    Strange strange bug it's here ! Empty Strange strange bug it's here !

    Mensagem por XFallSeane Seg Set 04, 2017 12:30 pm

    Hello everyone !

    Prepare yourselves for the strange bug. Even LeonMM is blocked and he can't help me for this.

    I have install a script of party by LeonMM. Just there nothing serious. I follow the tutorial and a bug appears. I ask LeonMM for help me. Some code is incorrect. I correct. Once everything is corrected and it did not have much. My game say i have an error.

    But the code is correct i  have take a screenshot and nothing wrong all is simply correct.

    I notice that I noticed that some bits of code were not taken in account by rmxp the color of when, if, elsif etc is black. I rewritte all that's work for the first time. I resolve some bug the game lauch with perfectly and i invit a party any account and crash. From the all is Strange because all code is correct.

    I have tested a version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 of NetMaker. Nothing bug is here.
    I uninstall rmxp 1.03 i get official version rmxp 1.05 from website official. And i test again but a bug are still there..

    All script is bug online or offline. I have a clean install of Windows 10. I have run with compatibility of Win7 Nothing.
    I can no longer develop my game..

    EDIT :

    For Example :

    I have install script on offline project. for 8 direction and get error on line 9 before it is line 8

    Strange strange bug it's here ! Captur23

    EDIT 2 : I think the bug come to copy and paste !

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