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    Mensagem por HugoFreitas Ter Jul 03, 2012 2:11 pm

    [Eclipse Galaxy v0.9] 6d2faf5d04b3c4e405c47fea8c709362

    Eclipse Galaxy é um projeto que rose tinha em mente há algum tempo. Finalmente ela decidiu se estabelecer e começar com isso. O objetivo principal deste projeto é ampliar o Origins Eclipse Beta v2 já forneceu, e otimizar a fonte já existente. Ao longo do desenvolvimento deste projeto rose vai estar liberando atualizações contendo novos procedimentos, otimizações e recursos que proporcionem uma experiência em todo jogo melhor desenvolvimento. Significado, esta edição destina-se a eficiência, e expansão na base do motor padrão.

    * EG v1.0 [Preview]
    - RMXP/RMVX Supported Autotiles w/ UI Option
    - External Editor Suite
    - Extended Access Options (Right-Click Server)
    - Multiple Characters per Account
    - UDT -> Classes
    - ???

    * EG v0.9
    - Added PartyWarp sub-routine
    - lammer interface bugs (Resource Editor & Item Editor)
    - Level up command access check
    - lammer Spell Refresh
    - lammer Currency Overflow
    - lammer HoT for NPCs/Players
    - Friendly NPCs w/ 0 stats
    - lammer Slide Attribute
    - lammer InTrade Invite Crash
    - lammer Heal HP/MP Damage MP Spells (Joyce)

    Summary: I've added in a few known fixes and lammer some things myself. The main goodie in this release besides more fixes is the PartyWarp function which will warp a players entire party when its called. It is not implemented anywhere, but it is available for wherever you'd choose to use it. I've also included a list of features to come in the changelog text file.

    * EG v0.8
    - Separate Class CanPlayerDodge Algorithms
    - Separate Class CanPlayerParry Algorithms
    - CanNpcBlock based on Strength and Rand Integer

    Summary: I've once again gone through the combat module and made the algorithms for the players dodge and parry events differentiate for each class. I've also finished a small 'todo' listed within the source that gives NPCs an algorithm to calculate their block chance based on the mobs strength and a random integer.

    * EG v0.7
    - Custom Item Events
    - CanPlayerBlock calculated with Shield
    - Separate Class Regen Algorithms
    - Separate Class CanPlayerCrit Algorithms

    Summary: In this version, I've included custom item events, which allow you to further expand the actions of your items without creating new types. I've also gone through the modCombat and made the player blocking algorithm include calculations based on the players equipped shield. Also along these lines I've changed the HP/MP regeneration and the critical hit algorithms to be different based on the players class.

    * EG v0.6
    - Boss Framework [Partly Lightning]
    - Boss Special: Stun Example
    - Custom NPC Events

    Summary: This version includes a pre-made BossAI framework based on Lightning's Boss Battle Framework, as well as my own custom and working stun event that occurs at a given time during the battle based on the AI. I've also included a new NPC type, 'custom', this allows you to 'script' or create custom events for your npcs.

    * EG v0.5
    - Multiple instances of the same client cannot be used simultaneously
    - lammer Text Rendering [Lightning]
    - Spells Indexed over 35 lammer [Lightning]

    Summary: This version includes Lightning's fixes for text rendering and spells indexed over 35, as well as my own custom feature that doesn't allow a single computer to run two copies of the client at the same time.

    * EG v0.4
    - Editors use control arrays for most controls
    - Shop editor delete command

    Summary: This version uses indexed control arrays for every editor excluding the map editor, for buttons and scroll bars. The control arrays execute code through a 'Select Case' procedure, keeping all the commands compact in one place. I have also included the mysteriously missing delete command for the shop editor.

    * EG v0.3
    - Data Convertor Control Array
    - lammer UpdateCaption server version title
    - lammer ".dat!" extension for map conversions

    Summary: I've gone back to my UDT convertor interface and re-designed it to use a Control Array for the buttons, as well as lammer the version showing in the title of the server. And there was one more bug I noticed that I had to fix, in the map conversion procedure, it would output your new map file as "map#.dat!" instead of "map#.dat". A silly mistake.

    * EG v0.2
    - Server-sided data convertors
    - Client & Server version titles
    - Each class has own combat algorithm
    - Server-sided text commands

    Summary: I've included a feature that allows you to easily convert your various UDTs to include your own edits all in one little interface on the server. A small edit, both the client and the server now contain their version in their titles. Another small edit, now each class has it's own defined combat algorithm for 'GetPlayerDamage' allowing for more combat variation. The last thing I included in this release was the ability to execute a few 'text commands' through the main interface of the server. Commands such as 'cls', and 'shutdown' were included.
    * EG v0.1
    - Delayed Rendering
    - lammer "+0 Exp!" for null party members
    - Emote Message lammer
    - Hotbar lammer
    - picSpells Refresh lammer

    Summary: In this version I've added a timer for the rendering procedure. This takes a load off of the CPU by delaying the procedure. Also, before now when you'd be in a party and receive experience, for the missing party members, an action message would still show up. This version also include the Hotbar, picSpells, and Emote message fixes.

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    Mensagem por Valentine Ter Jul 03, 2012 3:59 pm

    Baixando pra testar, eu gosto das correções, mas esse editor de eventos nem chama mais atenção, já que existe outros melhores.

    Como abre o editor de eventos?

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    Mensagem por Scar Sex Jul 06, 2012 9:29 pm

    hey hugo eu ja vi esta engine na fremmorpgmaker so que tava engles o topic e como nao sou poliglota estou pedindo se vc puder traduzir o topic

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