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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2


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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Empty Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2

    Mensagem por Ian Dom Maio 04, 2014 3:47 pm

    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 LZNw3RR

    Neste tópico estarei postando todas as versões da eclipse origins officiais ou sejá todas elas foram desenvolvidas pelo criador original dela robin sem nem uma alteração feita pro terceiros

    Essas imagens são de algumas das principais versões da eo

    Arquivos necessários

    Eclipse Origins  v1.0.0

    Eclipse Origins  v1.1.0

    Eclipse Origins  v1.2.0

    Eclipse Origins  v1.3.0

    Eclipse Origins  v1.3.1

    Eclipse Origins  v1.4.0

    Eclipse Origins  v1.5.0

    Eclipse Origins  v2.0.0.0

    Eclipse Origins  v2.0.0.2



    This is the official change log for Eclipse Origins.

    - Random tile placement.
    - Add server error handler.
    - Either fix current font system or add new text system.
    - Command-based door system.

    - Blank resource messages. (Can't find problem.)
    - Hotbar not working. (Can't reproduce problem.)

    Eclipse Origins v1.5.0 -> v2.0.0

    - Map items now have despawn timers, spawn timers and name locks.
    - Dropped items now take 30 seconds to appear to people other than their original owners.
    - Npc drops are dropped in their killer's ownership. They take 30 seconds to appear to others.
    - Map items will now disappear after 90 seconds on the ground.
    - lammer it so tileset scrolling in the map editor works.
    - Added handlers to all NPC editor textboxes. Should stop all editor errors.
    - Added a paperdoll ordering array.
    - PlayerWarp now simply sends a player's co-ordinates if they're not switching maps.

    Eclipse Origins v1.4.0 -> v1.5.0

    - Cached music & sound lists to improve loading speeds.
    - Music & sound lists are now cached when you visit your first game editor.
    - Music & sound lists are now pulled from the cache to allow for form unloading.
    - Added a personal health bar.
    - Changed action messages to be capped by remaining health.
    - Added 'SendPlayerXYToMap' for seamless warping.
    - Changed admin Shift + Rightclick warping to use the XY position modifier.
    - lammer currency trading bug.
    - Currency trades now show the total worth of the entire stack.
    - lammer the INVTOP offset in the IsTradeItem function (to match the existing bltTrade).
    - Currency items only disappear from your inventory when the entire stack is offered in trade.
    - Removed the control array for NPCs in the map properties.
    - Npc selection is now done through a list + combobox.
    - All editors are no longer loaded at startup and are purged from memory when closed.
    - Forgetting spells now uses the custom dialogue box to get confirmation.
    - Removed some CheckGrammar calls.
    - Added a party system.
    - Added party GUI.
    - Added dynamic health & spirit bars to party menu.
    - Max vitals are now affected by your boosted stats.
    - Added health bars to party members.
    - Vitals are now re-calculated and sent when equiping/unequiping equipment.

    Eclipse Origins v1.3.0 -> v1.4.0

    - Can now dump an image of your entire map through the admin panel.
    - Condensed the list population procedures in to a simple function.
    - Added a 'case else' to the max vital calculations so new classes use it automatically.
    - lammer starting spells & items.
    - Added proper string clearing to all clearing routines.
    - Resource_Changed array size set properly.
    - Removed access restriction messages.
    - Added error message for people who don't extract Origins properly.
    - lammer npcs not showing up in map editor.
    - Finished client-side error handler.
    - lammer NPC drops.
    - Spells can now be forgetten without an erroneous cooldown message.
    - Spells can now be moved without an erroneous cooldown message.
    - Modified item editor to work on netbook resolutions. (600px height)
    - Modified spell editor to work on netbook resolutions. (600px height)
    - lammer list population clearing.
    - Added dynamic health bars and cooldown bars.
    - Added custom yes & no/ okay dialogue box.
    - Trade requests now use the custom dialogue box.
    - Changed GAME_NAME to loaded from config.
    - lammer memory leak, sporadic FPS and FPS degradation by removing custom fonts.

    Eclipse Origins v1.3.0 -> v1.3.1

    - lammer FPS problems. Personally went from ~180fps average to ~700fps average.

    Eclipse Origins v1.2.0 -> v1.3.0

    - Standardised the data types. Cut out most, if not all, 16-bit processing.
    - Standardised data type packet sending.
    - Max items, npcs, maps etc. can all now handle anywhere up to 2million.
    - Resources now show as exhausted during map editing to make it easier to map.
    - Removed npc factions - had no use after removing npc vs. npc combat.
    - Added server-side loop time display & lock to help debug problems.
    - Added high indexing on player loops. Fixes y-based rendering fps drop.
    - Added a catch-all cooperative level change fix. No more errors when you lock your PC.
    - Map tilesets are now dynamic.
    - lammer tileset horizontal scrolling in the map editor.
    - Added currency amount checks to all bank and trade interactions - no more duping.
    - Limited account/character names to 12 characters.
    - Changed the character filter to allow for extended ASCII.
    - lammer shops.
    - Map editor now closes properly when warping.
    - Disabled door and slide attributes till I actually program them in.
    - Friendly NPCs now talk.
    - lammer the distinction between player's stats and their RAW stats.
    - lammer the map report.
    - Added centralised button animation procedures for both menu and ingame.
    - Added animated buttons to menu.
    - Added animated buttons to ingame GUI.
    - Added centralised sound packets and procedures.
    - Added sounds to animations.
    - Added sounds to items.
    - Added sounds to npcs.
    - Added sounds to resources.
    - Added sounds to spells.
    - Added sounds to animated buttons.
    - Centralised the music/sound list population - now carried out at startup.
    - Added file extension check to sound engine.
    - lammer new character sprite selection problems.
    - Added high indexing on npc loops. Fixes y-based rendering fps drop.
    - Added high indexing on action message loops
    - lammer class starting items.
    - Added class starting spells.

    Eclipse Origins v1.1.0 -> v1.2.0

    - lammer casting bar problems.
    - lammer problem with shop slots not being recognised.
    - News now loads from .txt file.
    - Removed credits system - replaced with same system as news.
    - Added line breaks through HTML break markup in news & credits.
    - Condensed directory checks.
    - Added conditional error handling. Enable by switching 'Debug = 0' to 'Debug = 1' in config.
    - Blood cache cleared on map change.
    - Paperdoll update sent on map change.
    - New character class combo click event lammer.
    - Currency is now tradable.
    - Item sprites now render correctly in item editor.
    - GDI text rendering lammer.
    - Changed character sprite layout to RMXP standard.
    - lammer paperdoll issues and switched format to match character sprites.
    - Created & added new GUI.
    - Added face sprites.
    - Re-organised GUI components.
    - Created a new character menu.
    - Removed Npc vs. Npc combat.
    - Made blood dynamic.
    - Added access tags to players.
    - Npc names are now rendered.
    - lammer it so player sprites no longer flash up as the full sheet for a loop when first loaded.
    - Condensed the potion item types into a single 'Consume'.
    - 'Consume' item type can now give health, mana, experience and cast a spell on use at the same time.
    - Added descriptions to items & spells which can be set in the editor.
    - Re-designed item tooltip.
    - Capped level point count.
    - Capped stat point counts.
    - NPCs are blocked by directional blocks.
    - Character starting item count is now dynamic.
    - Swapped out socket handlers.
    - Added class, access and level requirement checks to all items types.
    - Replaced file listing procedure for map music.
    - DoTs and HoTs are now cleared on death (lol).
    - Spells are now drag and drop.
    - Spell cooldown status now rendered in hotbar.
    - Added target type checks on all target purges.
    - Replaced loading message system.
    - Replaced login timeout system.
    - Swapped around start-up order.
    - Hotbar changed to function keys.
    - Admin panel switched to tilde.

    Eclipse Origins v1.0.3 -> v1.1.0

    - lammer problem with class sprite selection.
    - lammer map editor problem with tile selection. (Thanks to Derrick)
    - Removed isIp procedure. Caused problems when using domains.
    - lammer problem with ghost items being given to the player.
    - Added new item sprites & spell sprites.
    - Added directional blocking system using bitwise operators.
    - Added graphical arrows which you can click in the map editor to set directional block.
    - Changed Map UDT. All the directional blocking data is stored in a single byte.
    - Added visual bank.
    - Added bank drag & drop system.
    - Added bank slot changing system.
    - Added right-click warping for developers whilst pressing shift.
    - Added heal tile. When stepped on it heals you.
    - Added trap tile. When stepped on it damages you.
    - Added slide tile. When stepped on it carries you in a direction to the next tile.
    - Created some new packet subs to replace packet sending code which was repeated.
    - Added a new procedure. "KillPlayer()" will now take EXP from a player and kill them.
    - Clicking 'trade' and then clicking on a player will invite them to trade.
    - If you try and trade a player who has tried to trade you as well, trade will be opened.
    - Added trade item offering, stored server-side in the TempPlayer.
    - Added graphical GUI for the trade offer so you can see your own and the other player's offer.
    - Map music is now stored as a string.
    - Tried to fix pretty much all bugs reported so far.

    Eclipse Origins v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3

    - lammer problem which caused 'aero' theme on Vista & 7 to switch to basic.
    - Not having .bmp files will no longer crash the game.
    - Added Paperdoll.
    - Re-wrote the map UDT to have split X & Y values and multiple tilesets per map.
    - Having split X & Y values unlocks the ability for me to have dynamic tilesets.
    - Added multiple tile selection.
    - Stopped the map editor scrollbar max values from being set to the current map size.
    - lammer it so the map editor scrollbar max values are set to MAX_BYTE.
    - Removed the timed unloading of tilesets and the load checks in blting subs.
    - Changed it so tilesets are loaded/unloaded accordingly when you change map.
    - lammer a bug with healing spells.
    - lammer ordering issues with stats.
    - Added music & sound engine thanks to Harold.
    - lammer scrollbars to update properly when dragged around (In the map & anim editors)
    - lammer it so resources only respawn when they've been harvested.
    - Added options menu for players to turn on/off music & sound.
    - Added class starter equipment.
    - Added main menu music.
    - Map music now plays.

    Eclipse Origins v1.0.1 -> v1.0.2

    - IP and Port now read from .ini
    - Animations now die properly when an NPC is no longer alive.
    - lammer small RTE when equiping items which raise your stats above 255.
    - Added new spell editor.
    - Restructed spell UDT.
    - Added a scrolling & fading credits screen, taking credits from external file.
    - Added Spell cooldowns + cast times.
    - Added Spell icons.
    - Added visual spell menu in the main game GUI.
    - Reprogrammed spell casting from scratch.
    - Added grey-scale spell icons for visual cooldown notification.
    - lammer some problems with movement restrictor when casting a spell.
    - Added calculation for AOE courtesy of Rodriguez & Fabio.
    - Added a box to allow users to drop currency items.
    - Added AOE capabilities to damage + heal spell types.
    - Re-did the GUI to rely more heavily on GDI and cut down on memory usage.
    - Added code to force the item description box onscreen.
    - Re-wrote large portion of spell system to use a lot less code.
    - Added access-specific and pk-specific name colours in chat.
    - Re-wrote the map system to have enumerated layers.
    - Re-wrote the shop system.
    - Shops have visual inventory + item descriptions.
    - Shops will buy items for a % of their worth.
    - Various small bug fixes + cleanups.

    Eclipse Origins v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1

    - lammer problem with Item Editor damage scrollbar.
    - Added stat requirements to items.
    - lammer problem with the 'None' item reward for resources.
    - Added blood decals.
    - Changed a few data types to be more logical.
    - Changed a few editor events.
    - Multiple level ups now have proper exp rollover and messages.
    - Proper font support.
    - Proper text centralising.
    - Empty attack say no longer appears.
    - If no damage is done it no longer shows '-0' and instead shows a block message.
    - lammer small memory leak in DD7.
    - lammer the colour in the inventory currency.
    - Added animation editor.
    - Added animation instance with locking capabilities.
    - lammer NPC spawn attribute problem.
    - Added level up button to admin panel.
    - lammer dodgy line-up in character sprites stolen from 2.7.
    - Added dual-layer animation.
    - Added animation timing + automated client-side animation death.
    - Added time-based movement to compensate for older CPUs.
    - Added animation capabilities to NPCs.
    - Added animation capabilities to items.
    - Added animation capabilities to resources.
    - Added class sprite pool

    Eclipse Origins v1.0.0

    - Created Eclipse Origins

    Eclipse Origins - Créditos

    Criador e único desenvolvedor:

    Criadores originais da mirage.
    Consty, Dmitry, Jacob and Robin.

    Jacob, Robin, Rodriguez, Derg and Fabio.

    Design gráfico:
    Robin and Rory.

    Medalhas : Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 ZgLkiRU
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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Empty Re: Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2

    Mensagem por Valentine Dom Maio 04, 2014 4:46 pm

    Boa Ian, Obrigado por compartilhar conosco todos os downloads da Eclipse Origins.
    + 1 crédito

    Sim, todas elas foram desenvolvidas pelo Robin. Estas são as versões oficiais, todas as outras, exceto a Crystal Shire, são derivados que não aconselho usar.

    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Logof5

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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Empty Re: Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2

    Mensagem por iJackboy Qui Maio 22, 2014 11:36 am

    As imagens são de qual versão?

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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Empty Re: Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2

    Mensagem por Ian Sex Maio 23, 2014 7:05 am

    a primeira e da   v1.0.0 a segunda da v1.1.0 a terceira v1.3.0 a quarta da v2.0.0.2 a penúltima e a ultima são a mesma da  v1.1.0

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    Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2 Empty Re: Eclipse origins versão v1.0.0 a v2.0.0.2

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